ZEEFO 3 Pack Motion Sensing Lights

We have been using these lights for almost a month now and are very pleased with them. To be honest, we almost didn’t get them because they require 3x AAA batteries (batteries are not included).  That means you need three batteries for each one and since this is a pack of three, you will need nine batteries total. We decided to give them a go anyway and weren’t disappointed.

  • Zeefo Motion Lights
They are disk-shaped lights that are encased in a simple hockey puck shapes. They are white with a plastic light diffuser inset and a small ½ inch dome shaped motion sensor centered in the middle. Behind the diffuser, there are five bright white LEDs arranged in a circular pattern.  Each light is a fraction over three inches diameter and approximately 1.2 thick ¾ if you include the dome.

You get 3 x 3M circular adhesive pads with the lights. You can attach the adhesive pads to the back cover. To access the AAA battery compartment you simply twist the back about three degrees and the backplate unlatches.

One of the interesting things about these lights is they have a magnet inside that allows them to be attached to ferrous metals without adhesive.

In Use

We use these as night lights. They are not the first lights in this style we have used. Usually, they don’t come with a motion sensor and timer. Indeed, our old ones were basically forgotten once the batteries ran out; they just weren’t worth the trouble and expense.

These Zeefo lights are another story. The LEDs are considerably brighter and the motion sensor works quite well. You can place them on a flat surface but they also stick to appliances like the refrigerator in the kitchen, the washer and dryer in the laundry room.

As I said earlier, we use them as night lights. They are bright enough to dimly light a room so you can see your way around obstacles. The motion sensor also works as a light sensor. So the lights only activate in low lighting conditions.

We have one in the study next to the stereo. When you turn the table lights off, the Zeefo comes on and stays on for 20 seconds leaving you enough time to find your way out of the room in the dark.

We have another in the bathroom on top of the toilet’s water tank. It’s a great night light that comes on without having to turn on the lights and have the noisy extractor fan wake up the household if you need to use the bathroom at night.

I tested the magnet and it sticks to the refrigerator and stays in place despite the thick textured glossy paint and has no problems with the laundry machines whatsoever.


These are great little lights. The only slight negative is they require 3xAAA batteries each. The batteries cost almost as much as the lights themselves in local stores. You can buy high capacity rechargeable ones for about the same price on amazon which is what we intend to do next time. Having said that, we have been using these three for almost a month and they are still going strong with the first set of batteries.

The motion/light sensor works really well. They only come on in pretty low light when you would normally want to turn a lamp on and the 20 second window before they turn off is enough to get your bearings. They turn off after 20 seconds if there is no movement but if there is, they will re-activate for another 20.  Despite having to spend $8 on batteries these are excellent and now that I’m replacing the batteries with high capacity 1100mah rechargeable they should be even cheaper to run.

Disclaimer: These motion sensor lights were provided in exchange for an honest and fair review.

Energy efficient Motion Sensing Night Lights
Zeefo Motion Lights

Product Description: Battery powered motion sensing LED lights. Stick anywhere with 3M adhesive pads or built in Magnet.

Offer price: $14.49

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