Yenona Audio OneOdio Adapter-free DJ Headphones for Studio Monitoring and Mixing

There are so many affordable headphones out there now. Especially if your willing to try out lesser known non mainstream brands. I’ve tried a few and they are often pretty good but at the end of the day, if I don’t need Bluetooth and am gaming or playing the guitar quietly through headphones I resort to my $150 Corsair or Turtle Beach headphones.

  • Yenona DJ Headphones
I’d all but given up on finding something affordable with a premium quality sound. Then I came across the reviews of these Yenona DJ headphones and the positive reviews plus the fact that they have the larger 50mm drivers similar to my best headphones. I had to give them a try and ordered a pair. I often struggle with the dilemma of 4 or 5 stars because both are in my mind very good and leaving 4 can be perceived as exponentially worse. Well, these headphones easily beat my expectations and are exceptional, especially when you consider that in the scheme of things they are budget headphones.

Packaging and contents

They arrived in simple packaging. A sturdy black box with silvery line art, name and some specs on the side. Tasteful without being showy. Inside you have the headphones in a light foam bag. A ziplock bag containing a coiled Red headphone cable with a ¼ inch plug at one end and a 1/8 inch at the other. You also get a really nice feeling thick drawstring bag made of some kind of synthetic material. It’s pretty luxurious looking with a satin finish with glossy logos somehow debossed into the fabric.

The headphones

The headphones are surprisingly light weight and made entirely of plastic. Despite this the build quality feels good and the plastics all have tactile feel with good fit and finish. There are no creaks as you twist and pull at the headset. Hinges are all smooth with no play in the joints. So despite the light weight and plastic construction they do feel sturdy and well made.

The design is pretty conventional with the materials treated with finishes to enhance the impression of quality and visual appeal. All the black plastic has a rubberized matt coating while there are Chrome accents on the cups and the caps on the hinges. The headband is covered with imitation black leather with red stitching and well padded underneath.  The ear cups are  foam  padded just over an inch deep with some kind of “protein leather” covering that is very soft and comfortable on the ears.

There isn’t much decoration. Yenona is discreetly printed across the leather on the top. Gloss black text on satin black leather. You also have what I imagine is the Yenona logo in red on the matt black caps of the ear cups. It’s a nice logo that isn’t too bold and punchy so overall the headphone design is traditional and nicely and balanced.

The rigging of the headphones allows the ear cups to be separated 8 – 10 inches (including foam padding) with no sign of strain. The headband can be extended  1 ¼ inches on each side.

The ear cups themselves can be rotated forwards 90 degrees and backwards about 20 and pitched a full 180 degrees. This gives you a lot of room for adjustment and fits noth mine and my husbands large head.

Other than that the headphone has two analog headphone sockets. Both small 1/8 inch 3.5mm and ¼ inch 6.3mm.

I noticed that there are no markings to differentiate left from right sides. A quick sound check on the computer told me that the large headphone socket is on the left cup.


The sound quality of these headphones is exceptional for the price and effortlessly spans a broad range of frequencies from low deep bass to high details which are very well articulated. If you are listening to lossless music recordings there are details that are often lost in most headphones while the bass is deep and capable of being punchy without being muffled or droney. Overall these are very well balanced full range and very enjoyable to listen to. If you plug them into your computer or have loudness or bass enhancement options in your media player, turn them off. These headphones sound sublime and those features just cause deep muffled boominess made to compensate for headphones lacking in any aural finess. Honestly these are the closest to audiophile headphones your going to get at this kind of affordable price.


I have had these for several months and I am extremely pleased with these headphones. Incredible value. They are light and made of plastic but they feel good and don’t make any ambient creaks as you move around. Being plastic also makes them incredibly light weight. I think the noise canceling is only passive from the cozy ear cushions but that is all you really need.

I really like that the headphones have both size headphone sockets one in each and the coiled cable with a different plug on each end. It means you don’t need an adapter. You can switch between a phone or a amp, your computer and DAW audio interface just by reversing the cable and switching sockets on the headphones.

If your on a tight budget and want some outstanding headphones, you don’t have to break the bank. These are affordable and walk all over just about anything that costs two to three times more and better than some that cost $200 – $300. I highly recommend them.




Amazing and affordable headphones with great tonal range and resolution
Yenona DJ Headphones

Product Name: Yenona Audio OneOdio Adapter-free DJ Headphones for Studio Monitoring and Mixing

Product Description: Adapter-free DJ Headphones for Studio Monitoring and Mixing, Passive Sound Isolation, Protein Leather Earcups, 50mm Driver Unit with Mic.

Offer price: $57.99

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