WOVTE Christmas Themed Nesting (Matryoshka) Dolls. Set of 5.

These are lovely Matryoshka dolls. Both my husband and I have family in Eastern Europe and are familiar with Matryoshkas and played with them when we were kids. These are familiar but not traditional in that they are decidedly Christmassy with the dolls inside being Snowmen and Santas instead of traditional-looking Russian kerchiefed ladies.

  • WOVTE Christmas Themed Nesting (Matryoshka) Dolls
Still, they are delightful. They came in a plain white box with all the dolls inside the largest snowman. There are five dolls in all alternating between the Snowman and Santa with a tiny Christmas tree in the final one. The Matryoshkas are all made from wood with the two halves hard to prize open. That means they will not fall apart if you pick one up by the top and that they fit together seamlessly. I don’t know if they are hand-carved and hand-painted but the designs are accentuated with glitter paint producing a charming result. They are very festive and both my husband and I really like them.

We took some photos to share in a couple of settings. First we put them in a warm, cozy, dark traditional setting and then in a kitchen corner where we have cooler blue tile with flowers. The Matryoshkas are bright and colorful and look good wherever you put them.  For the price they are a bargain and something that even if you only used them for short periods during the holiday season, should last for many years so long as you watch any kids that handle them. They are a magnet for small kids who are enchanted by how they all fit inside one another.

My husband and I really like them and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them, they look great and brought back some happy childhood memories.


Disclaimer: I received the Matryoshkas in exchange for an honest and fair review.

Great fun with a lot of Christmas Nostalgia
WOVTE Christmas Themed Nesting (Matryoshka) Dolls

Product Name: WOVTE Christmas Themed Nesting (Matryoshka) Dolls

Product Description: Lovely White Snowman Santa Claus Christmas Tree Nesting Dolls

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