Waiting for Doggo

This book has everything we have come to expect of a book “about modern life”: office politics, romance, the urban/rural divide, the friends, the career going nowhere, the messed up love-life and unemployment.  But it also has a dog.  And that makes what would have otherwise been just another, rather predictable commentary on modern life a wonderful, heartwarming story about redemption.

Doggo and Dan have both been abandoned (several times it turns out) and both have been deeply scarred by that.  And they don’t care for each other that much.  Doggo is, when the book commences, as likely to bite Dan as anything and the only reason Dan doesn’t return Doggo to the shelter is that they are going to neuter him.  (Dan has issues with that.)  So it’s not the best start to a relationship.

For this is a story about a relationship.  We learn quickly that Doggo is a fine judge of character; that Dan quickly becomes quite attached to him—even makes bringing him to work a condition of employment when he has no other jobs and quite rightly (I think) calls him his “mental health dog.”  Anyone who has ever had a dog will know exactly how accurate that description is.

And thanks to Doggo who helps Dan by simply being a dog, Dan is able to become a better version of himself, find redemption and yes happiness.  As we watch him make that transformation, Mark Mills pokes gentle fun at our society’s foibles (health and safety obsession for example) but somehow manages to not put anyone down.  (I think it’s thanks to Doggo.)

I highly recommend this book—whether you have doggos in your life or not.  Though I have to say, I am profoundly grateful for ours.

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