Ukshellan 100% Natural Latex Pillow Review

I am a light sleeper and it’s my pillow that determines whether I get a good night’s sleep more than anything. I grew up with large, square fluffy European down pillows. But those are exceedingly rare in North America and if you have one, good luck finding a pillow case.

I actually have two such pillows.  I had a cheap European style Calvin Klein one for a while. It’s stuffed with polyester cotton wool type substance that was ok to start with but now flattens during the night and has always had an odd, unnatural slippery feel. The other pillow is a firm memory foam pillow with a rough textured cover. It’s too firm and I often end up with a neck or backache if I use it to support my head.

When the offer came to try this Ukshellan natural Latex pillow I was quite excited. I am quite cautious about trying new things and probably would have played it safe when choosing an expensive pillow.  In other words, I would have gone with a brand I know and this was an opportunity to try something new.

The Ukshellan Pillow

It arrived in a form-fitting fabric tote bag that is zippered across the top with a clear plastic front where the label is inserted and you can see the pillow behind. Nice packaging in that it’s decent quality and reusable. You can put an old pillow in storage and know it’s still breathable and won’t develop a musty smell over time.

The Pillow Case

The Latex pillow itself comes in a medium thickness pillow cover made from polyester (60%) and bamboo fiber (40%). Some of my favorite athletic tops are bamboo and this cover sports all the same traits. It’s extremely soft to the touch and also warm and fluffy. The fabric is also surprisingly stretchy, much like spandex but in a pleasant natural way.  It feels like an unusually stretchy plush flannel cloth.

The pillow case has a zip along one end which has a small thin pull that is shaped like a bamboo. Just in case you didn’t notice the bamboo motif emblazoned on the outside.

The Inner Case

Opening the zip you will find yet another thinner fine mesh pillow case. I think this is basically to protect the latex foam inside and prevent you pulling any chunks out if you mishandle it. You cannot open this one. The mesh is fine enough to allow you to see the Latex foam inside. The foam is very soft and squishy, offering firmer resistance the further you push down. It feels pleasant and displaces pressure well.

Cleaning Instructions

These are on a tag inside the outer Pillow case. I have included a photo but it says:

Washing Instructions of latex pillow
Hand wash in warm(max40c) or cold water using mild soap powder. (40c is 104 farenheit)
Press pillow carefully between two towels to squeeze out the water.
Dry in warm air or airing cupboard.
But frequent washing may reduce the useful life of this product.
Warning: Please keep away from heat and direct sunlight
Do not dry clean or tumble dry

In Use

My other pillows were either squashed too flat or were so firm that they pushed my head up at an angle that made my head ache in the morning. This pillow was a good compromise.  It’s neither too hard nor too thin but somewhere in the middle. I didn’t feel the need to sleep with my arm under the pillow for support. I move around a lot when I sleep and switch between sleeping on my back and front throughout the night. This pillow worked really well for me. Usually I wake up before the morning alarm goes off. The last couple of days I’ve slept right up to the alarm and feel that I have had much better quality sleep with less tossing and turning.

I have only had it a week so it’s a bit early to tell if it will maintain its qualities. I intend to follow up later after the pillow has seen more use.


For a good nights sleep

Product Name: Ukshellan 100% Natural Latex Pillow

Product Description: Ukshellan 100% natural latex pillow with bamboo cover.

Offer price: $67.99

  • Comfort
  • Style
  • Care


A very nice plush pillow that seems soft but firms up with compression. It displaces the weight well providing a lot of comfort which is handy if you sleep on your front or side a lot. It provides enough support that you don’t feel inclined to shove your arm under the pillow for extra support. I really like it. The only improvement for me personally would be if it came in the 26 – 28” square European format I favor.

Disclaimer: This pillow was provided in exchange for an honest and fair review.

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