Svinz 15 OZ. Touchless Automatic Soap Dispenser Chrome

We chose two different automatic soap dispensers, one for the kitchen and one for the bathroom. Since we don’t use our dishwasher except as a convenient drying rack, we use quite a lot of dish soap washing the dishes in the kitchen sink. What attracted me to this one is that it is relatively high capacity at 15oz, plus the large tank for the soap is transparent so you can always see how much liquid soap is left.

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The Dispenser

This is the larger of the two dispensers we have, but it is by no means massive. It’s made entirely from chromed plastic with a mirror finish with some black trim pieces and a clear transparent tank on the rear. It’s ideally suited to our 50’s period kitchen which has lots of chrome small appliances. The dispenser is 8 inches tall with the main trunk being 3 inches thick and widening to 4 inches at the base while the head extends forwards an extra two inches so you can put your hand or sponge under the overhang to activate the pump and receive some soap.

There is a small filler cap on the top which is chrome with a center grip that you only need to twist about 20 degrees to release the cap (much like a car fuel cap) revealing the hole you pour the soap in to fill up. We use 7th Generation dish washing soap. It’s gentle on your hands and completely clear. Despite being clear it’s still very easy to see how full the tank is without having to peek down the hole. Most dispensers don’t give you a way to see how much soap is left so that feature is much appreciated.

The controls are under the spout. It’s a simple three way switch with off, small dose, large dose positions. I went with the smallest setting since a little of our soap goes a long way.

The battery compartment is under the base and takes four AAA batteries. Alkaline are recommended over rechargeable due to the higher voltage. Rechargeable are typically 1.2v and the dispenser is noticeably more lively with regular alkaline batteries.

NOTE: Batteries are not included.

The dispenser is raised about 1/16 of an inch above the counter top allowing air to circulate and moisture to dry out underneath.

In Use

The Svinz dispenser does a good job though after a couple of hours the soap does flow back into the tank. So the first time you use it, you might have to press the button twice to get a proper dose of soap. After about 4 hours you have to press it twice, but within 2 hours the first press will give you about a half size dose. Once the soap has been pumped to the surface one press produces a consistent blob of soap. For me personally it really isn’t a problem at all. I usually use it several times when washing the dishes and don’t feel inconvenienced.

What I do like is that it doesn’t dribble, you get tidy squirts and no greasy congealed mess forming on the underside of the spout like I get from a regular pump action bottle. The dispenser doesn’t seep or anything so no mess collects down the sides. It’s very clean and tidy. You can stick your hand or a sponge under the sensor, it doesn’t really matter. You get the same uniform glob of soap regardless.


After using this dispenser for about 7 months the initial pump problems disappeared and it has become very consistently one press one squirt.

This is a dependable soap dispenser with a larger capacity tank.  Since the tank is transparent, you always know how much soap in in there. No caked mess, no sticky goo forming anywhere. It’s clean and tidy and looks good in the kitchen. The chrome with black trim pieces works in just about any kitchen. 7 months of daily use and we are still on the original AAA batteries. I recommend it.


Disclaimer: I received this soap dispenser in exchange for an honest and fair review.  The opinions expressed are my own.

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Svinz Soap Dispenser

Product Name: Svinz 15 OZ. Touchless Automatic Soap Dispenser Chrome

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