Simtyso Guitar Capo for Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Ukulele, Banjo, Mandolin, Bass

I typically avoid the larger capos with the squeeze grip handles and prefer the more compact, variable pressure thumbscrew variety. When I received this one as a gift I was attracted to its elegant design. It has nice curves that feels comfortable in your hands and has a slightly retro look to it thanks to the smooth organic shape and chrome mirror finish. It looks very nice placed on the neck of a more traditional electric guitar with styling cues from the 50’s and 60’s.

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The capo is cast from metal that is a little heavier than the aluminum capos are typically made from. All the edges except the inside of the back handle (not where you grip the capo) has a smooth, rounded finish. It’s a shame that the one unfinished inside edge detracts a little with some hard mildly sharp edges. The hinge joint is clean and tidy on both sides while the rubber grip inside the jaws is made of a black rubber material. The lower rubber is a flat pad while the top has two raised rubber blades that help distribute the pressure on the strings more evenly. The spring is quite sturdy with the ends seated in recessed holes and unlikely to pop out.

In Use

In use the capo looks great on a traditional guitar. The capo doesn’t have bright colors, just nice shiny chrome. The spring pressure of the jaws is firm with the twin rubber blades providing even pressure. Position is everything. So long as you place it directly behind the fret wire, there is no unwanted pitch increase or string buzz. It looks good on all my guitars, even my modern shredder despite its dark color and black chrome hardware. The lighter maple fretboard means that the silver chrome finish doesn’t contrast too much.

I use it for playing songs and to check truss rod bow and action when setting up the guitar. During setups you will need a neck support because when the guitar is laid on its back the handle points downwards 2-2.5 inches. In playing position it works fine and is quite dependable.


This is a really nice, elegant capo that suits most guitars well and works very well. The only thing I’d consider before purchasing it is that it is slightly heavier than some of the aluminum ones. If your guitar has a heavy headstock and tuners like some Les Pauls which often tend to nosedive, this capo may make it worse and more difficult to play. Otherwise it should be fine and worked great on my strat type guitars.

Simtyso Capo

Product Name: Simtyso Guitar Capo

Product Description: Lightweight Chrome finished Capo for String Instruments

Offer price: $8.99

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