ProChosen C120 2.4 G Mini Wireless Air Mouse with Qwerty Keyboard

What a cool device. It’s a very compact 2.4ghz mini keyboard mouse pointer alternative to a regular mouse and keyboard. The cool thing is that it can be used from the couch or wherever without needing a flat surface for the mouse and keyboard to work.

  • ProChosen C120 AirMouse Keyboard
It came in a small box which contains the keyboard, a micro USB cable and a USB WiFi dongle along with very basic instructions.

The device is a long thin oval shape  with a full QWERTY keyboard on one side and some simple remote buttons on the underside. It almost fits in a large hand. You hold the keyboard horizontally while the buttons on the reverse side are oriented so you hold the device like a remote pointing lengthwise. It has an IR LED on the tip and a Micro USB socket on the rear end for charging the internal battery.

In Use

I got this for my projector which is powered by a Windows 10 Micro PC which is a single chip PC with an intel processor, audio and graphics processors on a singe chip. So it’s a tiny computer that attaches to the projector with velcro and hooks up via HDMI. I didn’t want to use a regular mouse or a large keyboard to control the tiny computer so I gave the ProChosen C120 a go.

Initially, I had some problems. The instructions are very brief and I thought I had to use my existing WIFI connection. It was only when I had all but given up trying that I checked on amazon and saw that a USB dongle was included. Sure enough it was stuck in the back of the box in a small zip lock bag and very tiny. Once I plugged the wifi dongle into a spare USB port the Prochosen just worked.

Using it is really simple. The functionality of the airmouse changes depending on which way around you hold it.  When it is the remote side, it works as a mouse and moves the cursor on screen. When you flip to the keyboard the mouse stops functioning and you can type away. The only thing missing when using Windows is the Windows key, it does have the F1 – F12 function keys which are handy for shortcuts. Otherwise everything you need is there. You just have to use the mouse pointer for those missing functions. It does have a function key and each key has a secondary symbol function.


The keyboard has small rubber keys with what feels like leaf springs underneath. So you do have to push quite hard. This can be good though because it makes it hard to press keys by mistake and is still far more accurate that typing on a screen. The keyboard is a variation of the standard QWERTY keyboard only with L, O and P keys relocated for a more compact fit.


Flipping it over and holding it like a remote, you have a red power on/off button (which actually shuts down the Windows computer with no warning (as I found out when I pressed it the first time).

On each side, you have a volume up and down key. The OK button at the center works as a left mouse button while  the other two buttons below and to either side work as right clicks popping up right click context menus.

Centered at the back is the mouse on/off toggle which is also used for basic calibration.

If you need the mouse pointer to sync properly with where you point the remote, there is a simple and easy way to center it. Simply move the mouse cursor to the center of the screen and turn off the mouse with the on/off toggle button. While pointing the remote at the mouse pointer at the center of the screen, press the mouse on/off toggle again to turn it on and the cursor will move to wherever you point the C120.


The ProChosen C120 is perfect for controlling my microPC when it’s hooked up to the projector screen. A regular mouse and keyboard was a complete pain to use and this device makes it so easy. It works flawlessly and removes a lot of frustration. It’s compact, small enough to stick in your shirt pocket while watching a movie. And it’s very handy for things like web browsing and youtube where you also need to type in search fields. It’s also good for basic tasks like messaging and quick posts on Facebook. You probably wouldn’t want to use it for large documents because the keys are so small and need to be pressed fairly hard making it slower than a decent keyboard.

The keys respond quickly and don’t lag or miss strokes. As well as the large Enter key it has a decent size Backspace key on one corner which is really convenient.

I really like that it has an internal battery which charges via USB. So there is no need to purchase batteries. Internal battery life seems good; it hasn’t run out on me yet and the keyboard still works when charging.

Overall, this has improved my enjoyment of the microcomputer and projector in my studio. I use both a lot more now that I have this convenient compact wireless solution. I really like it.

ProChosen C120 AirMouse Keyboard

Product Name: ProChosen C120 2.4 G Mini Wireless Fly Air Mouse with Qwerty Keyboard

Product Description: ProChosen C120 2.4 G Mini Wireless Air Mouse with Qwerty Keyboard Gyroscope Remote Control for Kodi Android TV Box PC HTPC Game Media Player Windows Mac OS Linux

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