Our Reviews



When my husband and I started dating, we briefly fantasized about writing a children’s book together.  He’s a traditional artist, photographer and 3D artist by training, I love writing and oddly enough (odd, because we don’t have children) we both enjoy reading children’s books.  So we thought it might be fun to write one.  Together.  A lot of time has passed since then and, if I’m honest, I doubt that children’s book will ever get written.  But in some ways that’s OK.  Because the point behind that children’s book project wasn’t so much that we would write one but that we would work on something fun. Together.    And I think in reviews that we write together on this blog, my husband and I found an activity we enjoy doing as a team.  Mind you, we review different things.  My husband is the techy- and handy-man around the house and, after years of absence from the guitar, he has finally picked it up again.  (I really enjoy listening to him play these days.)  He’s also this blog’s administrator. He reviews:

  • Appliances
  • Automotive part and accessories
  • Electronics
  • Musical instruments (did I mention he plays the guitar?)
  • Office products
  • Patio, lawn and garden
  • Software and
  • Tools and home improvement.


I, on the other hand, am the bookish, endlessly inquisitive sort.  I love shopping with my girlfriends of course, drink copious amounts of coffee, and enjoy an outing in a good restaurant as much as the next girl but unlike many, I also enjoy burying my nose in a good book for hours, taking online courses on everything from Psychology to Managed Health Care, to American History.  I also write the non-review related essays on this blog which you are more than welcome to peruse.  I review items in the following categories:

  • Arts, Crafts and Sewing
  • Beauty, health and groceries
  • Books
  • Clothes and jewelry
  • Home and kitchen
  • Online courses
  • Pet supplies and
  • Purses and luggage.


My husband, the professional photographer, takes photos and develops videos to illustrate the point we are trying to make with the text reviews.  Then, while he is editing the photos or putting together the videos, I edit all the reviews for grammar and style.


Like I said—it’s a team project and one we really enjoy doing.  You can find a little bit more about us separately when you click on one of the reviews or essays we have written.