Nagoo Women’s Classic Short Coat Slim Bomber Jacket

The bomber jacket first became a “thing” in the 1940s, during American occupation of Japan.  Back then, American servicemen would either have their jackets embroidered with flowers and wildlife native to Japan or have brand new “bomber” jackets made out of leftover parachute silk. 

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The result was a “souvenir jacket.” And now, long after the Second World War, the “souvenir” or bomber jacket is making a comeback.  Of course these days, the jackets are not made of leftover parachute silk; this Nagoo classic short bomber jacket is 100% polyester.  But like its souvenir jacket “ancestor,” it keeps me warm without making me hot; it’s light but not flimsy and it will keep light rain out—though it probably isn’t fully waterproof.  In short, it’s perfect for that transitional stage between the end of summer and beginning of autumn.  Right now, for example.

It’s also makes at least an attempt to be practical. It has two pockets on each side.  Unfortunately, as is true of most women’s garments, you can’t really fit much into these pockets.  I can basically fit my cell phone inside but it’s a very tight fit and I would be afraid my phone would fall out. There is, in addition, a pocket on the left arm.  I am not entirely sure what practical use that pocket might serve but it does look nice.  The other impracticality that must be mentioned is that the instructions recommend dry-clean only which does seem to be a little excessive.

The jacket is fitted at the wrist, neck and waist by what feels like a simple ribbed cotton bands with elastic to ensure they don’t flare out.  The bands are simple but somehow add character to the jacket and make it look like this is a jacket that is comfortable, adaptable, and fitted for all sorts of different settings—which it is.  And perhaps that feeling or look is why the bomber jacket is having its resurgence.  What, after all, could better describe our hectic life?  Work, meetings, socializing, and let’s not forget to stop at the shops and clean house.  This jacket works in all these settings.  (Well, maybe not cleaning house…)

It is practical and versatile in a time when I need to be both pretty much always.

In fact, it would have been almost perfect except that it runs too small.  I chose three sizes bigger and while it just fit me girth-wise, it was too short and a little tight around the shoulders.  So I would recommend going at least three sizes larger than you normally buy.  Other than that, a lovely jacket.


Disclaimer: I received this jacket in exchange for an honest and fair review.

A cute jacket for early autumn
Nagoo Womens Bomber Jacket

Product Name: Nagoo Women's Classic Short Coat Slim Bomber Jacket

Product Description: Material: Polyester and cotton blend Front pocket, Long sleeve, Satin Sheen material, runs Smaller than US Size.

Offer price: $13.99 - $16.99

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This bomber jacket is chic and practical in one and its green will look good with almost anything.

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