Regency Hill Mosaic Brown Glass Table Lamp

When we moved into our old-fashioned home, we immediately started looking for furniture that accentuated its mid-twentieth century charm.  This vintage lamp is one of the items we bought then that still has pride of place on my desk.

  • Regency Hill Mosaic Brown Glass Table Lamp
It has an Art Nouveau look to it, with its amber and caramel mosaic that’s mounted on a short classic-looking pillar-like stand. It looks a lot like a goblet that emits light. I also appreciate the that it’s an up-light lamp because as such it provides sufficient though not overbearing light for our entire study.  So even though it is a desk lamp because the light bounces off of the ceiling, it creates a diffuse and pleasant glow in the entire room. It’s designed for a regular 40 watt light-bulb though I currently use a 4.5 watt LED filament bulb whose light is further muted somewhat by the mosaic and the resulting glow is definitely not a glare.  I have it right behind and a little above my laptop (less than two feet away) and do not strain my eyes.  At the same time, I get enough light to read by.
The lamp comes with a CFL fluorescent light bulb. Mine came separately in the mail after I had been using the lamp for a couple of days and I was initially confused as to why I received it.  So if yours comes after you’ve had the lamp for a little bit, don’t worry; it really is yours. It’s a nice little bonus the lamp manufacturer throws in. Not that this little lamp needs it but it is a nice touch.

The study is where my husband and I do most of our work which means it’s filled with computer and electronics. Nonetheless, we it want to look as elegant as possible. This lamp is functional yet elegant and I greatly appreciate that.

Let me just add—I really like it.

Lovely traditional table lamp
Regency Hill Mosaic Brown Glass Table Lamp

Product Name: Regency Hill Brown Glass Uplight Table Lamp

Product Description: Traditional Brown Glass mosaic uplight table lamp within line switch.

Offer price: $34.99

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A lamp that puts me in mind of a beautiful goblet that emits enough light for the entire room. So a lovely lamp that emits a gentle light. I love it.

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