Misswarm 10 PIECES 41.3″ of Dancing Lady Orchid Illusion artificial Silk Flowers (yellow)

Firstly, I was not prepared for how long these butterfly orchids are. They came in a long, thin box that was almost four feet long. It wasn’t till I opened the box that I realized it wasn’t a mistake. These are the flowers I ordered.

  • Misswarm 10 PIECES 41.3"of Dancing Lady Orchid
The flowers come tightly wrapped in a bundle with the stems bound with a red rubber band while the flowers themselves are wrapped fairly tight with clingfillm.

Unraveling them is not too hard though it helps to unwrap them carefully or ease a scissor or knife blade underneath and pull or cut very gently upwards. I only lost one flower head, otherwise they stayed intact.  So while the flowers get a little entangled with one another, they aren’t that hard to separate.

I knew they were tall, but until they arrived I hadn’t realized that they were over 3 feet long. The stems are slightly segmented as though designed so you can cut them short at roughly 2 inch intervals. Each stem has three branches of these lovely yellow flowers that resemble butterflies. These lovely flowers are offset by wavy trailing ends that look a little like peas. I’m not familiar with the plant but I assume they are new growth with green yet to hatch buds. The plastic used for these have a slightly waxy look which absorbs some of the light and looks pretty neat.

Overall the flowers look great.  They are a yellow that likes direct light; in a nicely lit room they look really good, especially against a neutral background like our café o lait wall paint in the dining area. The flowers look very nice when you’re more than two or three feet away but when you come close, you can see they are artificial.  Still, you will notice that only if you are super picky.  The plus side is that they are nowhere near as much hassle as real flowers.

In Use

I had some problems with the length because I don’t have a tall vase that will hold the full length properly but I wanted to see what they would be like before I decided to cut them. I have an old red thermos jug that ended up being a good vase stand in. I liked them tall and so a new vase will be in my shopping cart in the near future.


These are a nice bunch of yellow flowers. I took photos to show them off against a neutral backdrop. They look best in direct light and are quite convincing from a distance while obviously artificial up close. The butterfly shaped buds  look really nice. When I first ordered them I envisioned mixing them with some large white roses .But these are unusually tall and look good all by themselves. The stems are quite rigid with wire inside so they can be bent into more natural elegant curves. Something I neglected to do before taking the photos.

I really like them.


Disclaimer: I received these flowers in exchange for an honest and fair review.



Lovely long stem artificial flowers
Misswarm 10 PIECES 41.3"of Dancing Lady Orchid

Product Name: Misswarm 10 PIECES 41.3" of Dancing Lady Orchid Illusion artificial Silk Flowers (yellow)

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