Mind Reader 3 Piece Galvanized Metal Round Canister Set, Silver

We have an old-fashioned house (built in 1949) and we like things that go with that era.  These vintage-looking cannisters are perfect.  They are labeled “coffee” “sugar” and “tea” and have a very distinctive, traditional look to them.  Plus, the galvanized metal means that they are a chemical-free choice for food storage.  We store far too much food in plastic containers as it is.  So this makes a nice (and good looking) change.

  • Mind Reader 3 Piece Canister Set
You won’t be able to fit much into them but they have airtight seals in the form of a silicon band on the rim at the top of each container.  Because of the size, they are good for storing food you use regularly and for keeping the bugs away.  They also make the kitchen look great.  To me, what really makes this set stand out are the gold labels that state what the content is.  And then of course, when you open one of the containers, you get the wonderful smell of tea or coffee.  Something I find delightful.

Somehow those labels and the galvanized look canister make the whole seem perfect.  They work well in our small, old-fashioned kitchen, are lovely to look at, and quite practical.

The only slight complaint I have (and it is slight) is that even though each canister came in a clear plastic bag, there were some greasy finger prints on them.  So my advice is to wash them before using. Also, when my husband checked them out, he mentioned that the rivets that are fastened at the handles might eventually come loose because the airtight seal makes the lid quite tight. So it might be better to pull the lid of around the rim rather than the handle if feels too tight.

They would (I think) work well in most places you are trying to spruce up a bit..

UPDATE: Unfortunately, after a couple of weeks’ use the silicon seal on one of the canisters broke. As I mentioned previously, the lids are a tight fit and, over time, one came loose and caught in the lid and snapped. Which leaves us with two out of three with an airtight seal. The lids do still close fairly tightly, but it is disappointing nonetheless.

I recommend them for the looks certainly but perhaps not for the durability.


Product Name: Mind Reader 3 Piece Galvanized Metal Round Canister Set, Silver

Offer price: $20.55

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