Meaneor Women Basic Round Neck Plus Size Bow Decor Knitted Pullover Sweater

If you’re going to try a slightly different looking sweater, this is the time to do it.  And this sweater is a little different from the everyday drab fare but in a good way.  It’s made of viscose, polyester, and modal meaning it’s super soft, doesn’t wrinkle and you can wash it in cold water.  The little bows going down the front are slightly reminiscent of a tuxedo and, hence, of the holiday cheer. 

  • Meaneor Womens Round Neck Plus Size Bow Knitted Sweater
The wide ribbing at the waistline keeps it from looking boxy and making it drape very nicely past my hips.  The long sleeves are perfect especially for this time of year.  It’s really a throw it on and go sort of sweater that goes with everything and one which you can wear pretty much anywhere: the office, the bar with your girl-friends, or even a semi-formal party.  And it’s not chunky, meaning you can wear it as one of several layers and it will fit under a jacket quite easily.  This sweater allows you to look the part and not feel over- or under-dressed. It is, in short, a staple this time of year.

But I expect I shall be wearing it after the season ends too—because of the festive little bows down the front.  Face it, when the tinsel comes down and the houses are once again dark and the trees stand leafless and bare, clothes you had worn without thinking before the holidays now acquire a downright Dickensonian gloom.  You might as well be in debtor’s prison (a la Little Dorrit).  But these lovely, decorative bows can bring back at least a little holiday cheer.  So this sweater—equal parts pretty, nonchalant, slightly elegant, and relaxed–is a definite winner.  I quite like it.


Disclaimer: This sweater was provided at a discount in exchange for a review.

Meaneor Womens Round Neck Plus Size Bow Knitted Sweater

Product Name: Meaneor Womens Round Neck Plus Size Bow Decor Knitted Pullover Sweater

Offer price: $24.99

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This is a lovely, soft sweater that is pretty, nonchalant, slightly elegant and relaxed. It is, in short, a winner.

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