Levi’s Signature Gold Label Boot Cut Jeans

A few months ago, I went shopping for women’s jeans and came home with a pair of men’s jeans.  Every pair of women’s jeans I tried on was tights made out of jean material.  If I wanted everyone to see my legs and buttocks, I’d just buy tights.  And why do I have to spend a lifetime hitching my waistband from somewhere half-way down my bottom?  What happened to simple jeans?  You know—the kind you could just throw on and go out in the full and reassuring knowledge that no-one is going to give you a second glance for wearing them because your legs are too skinny or fat or your bottom too big or too small?  So I was really hoping that these Levi’s would be a pair of jeans that are comfortable; a pair of jeans I can just fling on and forget about.

  • Levi Signature Gold Label Women's Jeans
I was not disappointed.  I am not saying they’re perfect.  They still have that low-rise waistband but it’s nowhere near as bad as the ones I was trying on the other day.  These jeans don’t go down the middle of my butt and treat everyone behind me to a wonderful view of my underpants.  And, like most women’s jeans, they have these front pockets that you can’t fit anything in.  I dare anyone to stick a modern cell phone in there for example.  The back pockets however are fine.

That said, these are really good jeans.  They still have stretch.  But not stretch you can see; it’s stretch that gives me a bit of help around the thighs and a lift at the back.  In other words, these Levi’s are using stretch to enhance rather than to hold in and that makes these jeans super comfortable.

Plus, the boot cut means they flare at the bottom which makes for a flattering silhouette that all shapes and sizes will find flattering.  Bottom line: these are super comfortable jeans that flatter you and that don’t try to be tights.

I like them.

Product Description: Levi's Gold Label Women's Plus-Size Totally Shaping Boot Cut Jeans

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