KLIQ AirCell Guitar Strap for Bass & Electric Guitar

This is a really nice 3 inch wide guitar strap. It arrived in a pretty large, semi-opaque plastic box. When I opened the box I was immediately impressed by the look, feel and quality of the workmanship. It has a masculine look to it. The AirCell technology which is one of the big selling points of this strap is really interesting and unique. At first glance, it kind of looks like a knobby motocross motorcycle tire tread.

  • KLIQ AirCell Guitar Strap
The strap itself is made of a neoprene material similar to a wet suit. It’s thick: almost ¼ inch. The knobbles are three rows of 22 square knobbles that stand almost ¼ inch high. Each contains what feels like a rubber airbag behind fabric backing. The strap tapers off to thick plastic strap slider with an adjustable nylon strap on one side and leather or PU leather tabs at the ends. The leather ends are thick and have tight-fitting slotted holes to fit over the buttons on your guitar.

The strap looks and feels extremely well made. I attached Ernie ball strap locks as I do with all my straps and they fit very well.

In Use

The strap goes over your shoulder with the air filled knobbles facing down. They are soft and pliant. So much so that you can’t tell the knobbles are there when wearing either my 8 or 9 lb guitar. The neoprene is slightly stretchy without bouncing like elastic. You can feel it give very slightly when you put it on and then it settles immediately without any odd bounce when playing. I usually wear a suede strap for extra grip on my nose heavy guitar. With most fabrics such as cotton this strap grips very well. I mentioned earlier that the knobbles on the strap reminded me of the tread on a dirt bike. Well, on the strap they help the strap grip your shoulder. I found a slippery polyester shirt did slip, but only the one shirt out of half a dozen and the strap grips well to cotton t-shirts that I favor due to short sleeves that don’t get in the way with my playing.

I found this guitar strap to be excellent for standing but at the shortest setting it is still quite long. Ideally, I’d have preferred slightly more adjustment for sitting since I prefer the guitar higher when seated. It’s a great sturdy and well made strap and it’s great in the hot California climate because the gaps in between the knobbles let air circulate, hence reducing sweating and chafing that can happen after playing with a heavy guitar for long periods of time. If you’re a more active guitarist who likes to move around, there is a slight give in the strap that takes away sudden jolts without being so elastic that it bounces. So you shouldn’t get disoriented.


This is a very cool looking and comfortable strap. I really like it, especially standing. If there was one niggle it’s one that is common with a lot of straps in that they don’t always shorten enough for those that like the strap mounted high or like to play seated with the load on their shoulders more than their legs. But, as I said, I really like it nonetheless. It’s been my go to strap for the last 6 months, especially with my heavier guitars.

Very comfortable and grippy perfect for gigging
KLIQ AirCell Guitar Strap

Product Name: KLIQ AirCell Guitar Strap

Product Description: Guitar Strap for Bass & Electric Guitar - Made from 3" Wide Neoprene Pad and Adjustable Length from 46" to 56"

Offer price: $34.95

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