ITrue Set of 3 Ceramic Family Giraffe Collectible Figurine with Box

The first thing I noticed was the box. It’s beautiful. It’s of very thick cardboard that is about 13 by 11.5 by 4 inches with a stylized True written on the lid. Inside the box are three figurines ensconced in three form-fitting compartments of black foam. This isn’t the sort of thing I would expect children’s toys to come in. The packaging alone is the work of someone who is proud of their work.

  • ITrue Set of 3 Ceramic Family Giraffe Collectible Figurines
And well they should be for the three stylized deer family figurines are lovely. The deer are painted in a cross between Miss Etoile (with open eyes) and traditional Chinese clay folk art. I particularly love the themes of gold flowers and branches that are both painted and carved on the side of the little deer. The combination of painting and carving against the smooth, pearly clay gives me a tactile and visual experience when you pick up the figurines. There is something very subtly sweet about a little deer smiling at you while you feel and see the flowers on the sides. The little deer have little opening in the bottom of their decorated feet. The holes are not those perfect round things that come out of the factory either; they look and feel like they have been fashioned by human hands. My husband and I spent some time debating what those holes might be for. In the end, we decided it didn’t matter. We could just enjoy that little mystery.

We have some thin LED string lights and may see how they look with light inside. Even though these are for children, they are not the kind of toy I would leave in the hands of a very small child. They are delightful but probably quite fragile in small, clumsy hands. So if you have younger children, I would recommend putting the little deer family somewhere in plain view as a decoration where they can see and enjoy them from a distance.

And you can put this little family just about anywhere, especially where there is wood. The warmth of the wood makes for wonderful background for the little figurines’ glazes. I don’t think these are “for” anything but they are a wonderful way to accent your home. I am an adult and we don’t have children but I really love them.

Disclaimer: I received these figurines in exchange for an honest and fair review.

Just lovely
ITrue Set of 3 Ceramic Family Giraffe Collectible Figurines

Product Name: ITrue Set of 3 Ceramic Family Giraffe Collectible Figurine with Box

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Enchanting little porcelain sculptures that will decorate almost any room.

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