iJDMTOY 80W High Power CREE 5200s LED Bulbs For MINI Cooper F55 F56 Halogen Daytime Running Lights

I bought these for my 3rd generation 2017 F56 Mini Cooper S which has standard halogen bulbs. After replacing the standard H4 Halogen headlight bulbs with some high output Philips, I was disappointed with how dull and orange the DRL’s (Daytime running lights) and foglights were.

The Mini takes less the common PSX24W bulbs so my buying options were very limited.  I could get the stock bulbs or choose from a small selection of LED alternative bulbs. The new Minis have a computer monitoring system. That means you will typically need CANBUS bulbs which are also quite rare in PSX24W format. People on Mini forums recommended the iJDMTOY LED bulbs as a good replacement. They don’t seem to be CANBUS but do not trip errors in the car’s computer. The amazon site specifically states that they are compatible with model Mini Coopers from 2014 through 2017. So I decided to give them a go.


People on the forums warned me that the packaging was not great. Sure enough, the bulbs came loose in a small flimsy cardboard box with a piece of paper and thank you business card the only other contents. There was no bags or padding at all.

I was pleased to see that no ballasts are required for these bulbs, meaning that the existing plug pushes straight into the back.


Installing was pretty easy. With the Mini, you access the DRL, fog and parking light cluster from an access panel in the front wheel arches. There is a circular twist and pull off cover that, once removed, exposes the back of the bulbs. First you remove the plug by squeezing a single tab and pulling straight back. This leaves the bulbs inside the lamp housing.

Removing the old bulbs was simple. Just squeeze the tabs on the sides and pry the bulb out of its enclosure. The original halogen bulbs are tiny compared to the long cylindrical LEDs but there is plenty of room inside the lamp. Installing the iJDMTOY bulb is slightly tricky. You don’t squeeze the tabs but push the bulb straight through the opening. It can be tricky to get them to latch. There are two tabs on each bulb. Installing them was a bit easier when I pressed the bottom tab first and the tab on the top second. Then you replace the plug and cover. Start the car to test they are working.

The bulbs do have polarity but the plug only goes in one way.

In Use

The bulbs are much whiter than my high power Philips halogen bulbs. And they’re not bluish when seen from the front by the naked eye. It’s not that easy to see in my photo because the DRL lamps are quite small but the LED fills the lamp so the whole thing is a bright light where the original bulbs were a dull orangish light that didn’t fill the reflector housing strongly.


These seem to be good bulbs. The simple packaging had me worried but I guess LEDs are not as fragile as filament bulbs Both LEDs worked fine. I installed them in slight drizzle no problem. It took less than 10 minutes to do both sides. The results look noticeably better. It’s too early to comment on longevity, I have only had them a week. So I will do a follow-up review later on in the year. We have hot 100+ Fahrenheit temperatures in the summer so that will be a good test of their reliability.

Offer price: $39.99

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