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For a long time, we used the hand pump orange and honey moisturizing hand soap in the bathroom and 7th Generation natural dish washing soap in the kitchen. No-one in our house likes cleaning up that much and the bathroom soap containers end up a sticky mess. It seemed like a good time to try automated soap dispensers.

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Seven months ago we got two different dispensers one for the bathroom and one for the kitchen. I wasn’t sure what capacity this one was and decided that the smaller one would go in the restroom because we have a fairly small bathroom. As this one was the smallest, it ended up being placed on the bathroom sink.

This is a fairly compact unit. It has a cylindrical shape with the side wrapped with brushed stainess steel. The base and head are made of plastic but have a metallic color that closely resembles brushed steel in hue. Overall the metallic gray color is a little darker than chrome and a better match for satin or brushed nickel. It is still a nice elegant design with nicely sculpted curves and a detachable base that raises the bottom of the dispenser about ¼ of an inch off of whatever surface it stands on. This is a good thing because the battery compartment lid is on the underside. So having some space underneath lets water flow out from underneath instead of staying put and air moving around lets and remaining moisture evaporate. So there is less chance of mold or mildew collecting as well as keeping moisture from seeping into the battery compartment.

The compartment takes 4x AAA batteries. It will work with 1.2v rechargeable but 1.5v alkaline batteries have a little more oomph! (Batteries are not included.)

The battery compartment does have a rubber seal which is another welcome precaution.

In Use

Filling the soap dispenser is simple. A plug with a horizontal grip is recessed into the top of the unit. A simple twist of about 45 degrees and it lifts right out. Simply pour the soap into the hole to fill.

There is a single round button on top that cycles through the four different quantities the soap dispenser squirts out of the spout. I found that the smallest setting is fine for washining both hands and face so that is the setting we chose. There is a purple rectangle on the side of the cylindrical body just below the spout. A red LED blips occasionally to tell you that it is ready. To activate the dispenser, just put your hand in front of the purple rectangle and after a short whirr, a blob of soap drops on your hand.


This is a really nice soap dispenser. It takes our 6oz soap bottles no problem. There is no way to tell how much capacity is left over because it is not see-through (which is perhaps my only complaint about it). This dispenser does a great job though. The soap does not flow back into the tank when left for a few hours. The soap pumps successfully with a single press. Over several months soap can congeal on the spout but it only takes a moment to remove with your finger. Each press produces one precise blob of soap. Other pumps when left alone for half an hour or so often need two presses one to get the soap loaded and a second one to eject. This one seems very dependable. I do feel that the portions of soap might be a little on the large side. I’d prefer the smallest to be a little smaller, but it’s not by much and it can be depended upon to always work without and fuss or fiddling.

In the 7 months we have been using it, we have only had to change batteries once.
In short, I quite like it.

Disclaimer: I received this automatic soap dispenser in exchange for an honest and fair review. The opinions expressed are my own.

Dependable and does away with soap scum mess
Home & Kitchen Wizards Soap Dispenser

Product Name: Home & Kitchen Wizards Automatic Soap Dispenser

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