Hamilton Beach Blender 53602 with Sound Shield

This is my first full-size blender. I’ve been using a small, personal medium size cup blender. It was fine for two people but a bit of a pain. I’m not too familiar with Hamilton Beach but having recently purchased an excellent Digital Slow Cooker/Crock Pot from the same brand and been impressed with the quality of that cooker, I decided to try a blender by the same manufacturer when amazon offered.


  • Hamilton Beach Blender 53602

The blender came in a nice box. It was sandwiched inside a polystyrene shell. It came pre-assembled with an additional clear plastic beaker and simple manual. It does not come with recipes but then there is the Internet.

The Blender and Setup

Setting the blender up is pretty simple. It’s pre-assembled so I only had to remove the plastic bag and beaker, unfurl the integrated power cable which handily has a velcro strap to secure it in a tight bundle something I really appreciated, since it makes it easy to put away.

I was impressed with the build quality. The jug is made of solid thick glass and is quite hefty. With a sealed lid that fits snugly and with a pouring spout and flip lid at the back through which you can drop ingredients.

The glass beaker breaks down into three pieces. The star shaped base screws off releasing the rotating blade in the bottom. This makes cleaning the whole thing very straight-forward. You can wash the whole lot in the washer, but washing by hand is easy enough, and with the blade removed, very safe.

The base of the blender has a thick rubber block with the same star shape cutout on top as the jug. So the jug sits securely in place once installed. It also grips the base of the jug so you can easily tighten the seal of the jug by twisting the jug handle to the left. Handy if you are not particularly strong and need a tight seal.

Controls are simple, legible and straight-forward: 5 Speeds, Pulse, Smoothie, Ice Crush, Clean and, of course, Stop.

One the the nice features of this blender is the transparent shield that is hinged at the back. It swings up and down easily with the handle at the front. The shield is also very easy to clean with easy access to all sides inside and out.

In Use

The blender is very nice to use. It has no problem with any of the ingredients we used which included:

Frozen Mango Chunks
Frozen Berries

Just throw the ingredients in with some liquids and press the smoothie button. Initially it pulses slowly and after a couple of dozen seconds spins freely till you shut it off with the stop button. Since this is my first full size blender I can only compare it to smoothies being made at places like Ben and Jerrys of Jamba Juice. The shield seems to work well because the noise was not overbearing and I could still talk over it without having to yell. So I can definitely believe the 55% quieter statement on the box.


The blender works very well and has no problems chopping up my fruit and veggies into a nice consistency smoothie. It’s a pleasure to use. Even with the shield, once closed it is compact and the velcro strap for the cord makes it really easy to put away in a cabinet. Cleaning it is very easy too. Which means that I will actually use the blender and won’t be put off by the often daunting task of cleaning and putting small appliances away.

We have been trying to eat healthier and smoothies of veggies, fruit and Stevia leaf sweetener are a big part of that now. Smoothies are easy to make and good for us. One jug of blended ingredients filled about ¾ full made two large 14oz mugs of smoothie which tasted scrumptious. I have absolutely no qualms recommending this blender. It’s easy to use, effortless cleanup, dishwasher friendly, no fuss. I really like it.

Product Description: Hamilton Beach Sound Shield Blender with 950 Watt, 5-Speed, 52 oz Glass Jar, & Quiet Blend Technology (53602)

Offer price: $89.00

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  • Ease of Use
  • Cleanup
  • Value

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