The Grand Tour Season 1

I am not really a car person to say the least but my husband is and years ago he got me hooked on this funky British show called Top Gear. I grew to really like it. I wasn’t sure why I liked it exactly but I did. Then… Top Gear as I knew it ended because Jeremy was a plonker. I have to say, I was really distressed. I had grown quite fond of the show and the goofy presenters. (And BBC’s new “Top Gear” didn’t measure up. At all.) And now, finally, we have the Grand Tour.

The Grand Tour has all the magic of the old Top Gear which, in my opinion at least, wasn’t really about the cars but about three grown men acting like the little boys they really are at heart but is somehow even more beautiful. And by beautiful, I really do mean beautiful. The guys’ chicanery aside, what always stood out for me in BBC’s Top Gear was the incredible quality of the photography. The Grand Tour takes that photography as its baseline and raises it. The result is… breathtaking.

You can almost see every speck of dust. And there is so much more of it. There were cars of every kind welcoming the boys to their traveling tent, they had “The American” drive around the Eboladrome and a Belgian test some seriously unique muscle cars. (The American thought they were communist. Or something.) There was a live band, there was… I could go on and on but seriously, what there was most of all was a lot, lot of fun.

Yes, it was still a car show but it wasn’t a car show that’s full of itself. It was a car show that was about the fun three guys who are also great friends have goofing around together. In seriously expensive cars. If you love cars or even remember reading the Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys with some fondness this is the show for you. I highly recommend it.

Way Better Than Top Gear

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After being kicked out of the BBC and his world famous car show ‘Top Gear’. Jeremy Clarkson and his two buddies Richard Hammond (Hamster) and James May (Captain Slow) start something similar but different and entirely new, a show for Amazon called ‘The Grand Tour’

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