Dragonfly Note Cards

I got these cards to use as “thank you notes” after an interview.  I know most people send e-mails these days but there is something distinctive about a card and sometimes, it’s just those little things that make the difference.  And these cards do look distinctive but not ostentatious. 

  • Dragonfly Note Cards
They are 5 by 3.5 inches—so just big enough to write a thank you note.  The dragonfly design on the front with the gold edging is appealing but in an understated sort of way while the beige envelopes with the blue dragonflies on the front and the leaf design on the back seem elegant somehow.  And the card stock too is exactly what I wanted—it didn’t feel cheap (in fact, you can just feel the design on the front of the card) but it wasn’t overly heavy card either.  So it was exactly that balance I was looking for: something that stood out but was not ostentatious; something that wasn’t cheap but wasn’t so expensive that my interviewers would wonder why I was trying so hard.  In short, these seemed the (almost) perfect thank you cards.

I say almost because there are only 14 cards and 15 envelopes.  And if you think about it, that’s not a lot of interviews.  Let’s say you have a panel interview of three people.  Once you’re done writing the cards, you only have 11 left.  If you have a second interview with two people, make that 9 left.  And heaven help you if you make a mistake when writing these out.  In fact, when I was looking for a job I quickly learned that I would either write out what I wanted to say on a scratch piece of paper several times or go broke.

But I did, in the end, get the job.  Was it the thank you card?  I doubt it.  But I hope the extra touch helped.  I even have some left so should I need to send anyone a thank you note I have the cards for it.  And these are lovely cards.

Elegant Thank You Cards
Dragonfly Note Cards

Product Name: Dragonfly Note Cards

Product Description: Premium boxed stationery set comes with 14 cards and 15 matching envelopes

Offer price: $6.37

  • Design
  • Envelopes
  • Card Stock
  • Value


These small, elegant cards will help you say thank you in the nicest of ways.

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