What the Dog Saw: And Other Adventures

I stumbled on this book in a used bookstore.  I had just finished a book and really didn’t know what (or even what genre) of book to read next and so a collection of essays seemed about perfect.  I am really glad I picked it up.  For this book asks a lot of the questions that need asking.  Among them:

Are we buying what we need or what a great salesman can sell us?

Is it more rational to plan for success or catastrophic failure?

What do the things we surround ourselves with tell us about … us?

How modern medicine was influenced by religion?

Why don’t we fix hard problems?

Where is the line between borrowing and plagiarism?

How do we interpret information?

What is more important—the genius or the system?

Gladwell asks these questions as he tells us very human stories; stories about us.  And as we work through these complex ideas, made intelligible because they are stories about real people struggling with relatable problems, we get to wrestle with arguments that are provocative and important.  You may agree with the answers Gladwell finds or you may not.  But he asks the right questions—and he asks those questions well.

I recommend it.

Offer price: $5.49 - $14.81

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