Assembling the lamp is relatively straight-forward. There aren’t many parts. This is a good thing because the instructions are a bit vague. I noticed that some reviewers gave the lamp poor marks usually because the lamp would not stand in its base. This is due to a simple error in assembling the lamp that I will try to make more clear in the photos included with my review.

Basically, when you fasten the base to the main poll, you have to make sure you put the bronze cap at the base of the tube and when you fasten the base to the threaded pole that passes through the main tube. You have to put the wide flat washer on first, flush against the base followed by the serrated washer and finally the nut. The washer has a broad circumference to clamp across a wide surface area while the narrower serrated washer prevents the nut coming loose thus preventing the lamp from rotate on its base.

Interestingly, the lamp has a separate AC wall adapter and a round 9 – 20v DC type plug that hooks up to the AC wall adapter. So you can potentially power these from other low-voltage DC power sources. If you have some kind of battery and DC power regulator, it’s very cool and easy to hook up with something like solar power.